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What is Chambre Noire?

Chambre Noire lets you experiment with your camera: just select a preset and see the result in real-time. But you can go much deeper and create your own stacks of filters, in any order, combinations and settings.

With more than 35 filters with various parameters, you can build creative images that you won't see elsewhere.

Fill free to experiment any combination you like, you can reuse the same filter and you can accumulate a dozen of them.

You can even share your presets by emails or post them to your blogs, thanks to the iOS custom url management.

When you are happy with the result, just hit the snapshot button and the image is processed at full resolution, so no compromise on the final quality.
Finally, using the instant preview, check at full res that the picture you just shot is fine and load it into Instagram or send it by email.

Warning: this application needs a lot of memory and CPU power to compute the preview in real-time and thus is working anly on an iPhone 4.

Main layout

The screen is divided in four main parts.

The left part is a panel that let you to manipulates presets and filter stacks.

The top righ part is the live preview of the filters effect.

the middle part is the information panel. According to the context, it displays an summary of the curret preset, a description of the filter you are about to add or the parameters of the current filter you can modify.

The right bottom part contains buttons to take a picture, to preview the last photo taken or to use a photo from your library.

Take the photo! As soon as the progress popup shows up, you can relax, your photo is being processed. Usually the photo used is a good match of the last preview image.

If you want to concentrate on your model, press this button to entre full screen mode. Note that the quality is far below the quality of the final photo.

Once you have taken a photo you can review it in full quality mode using this button. You can then decide to mail it or to send it to instagram, if you have installed this application.

The navigation panel

This panel displays initially the list of current presets. Touch a preset name to activate it and see instantaneously the result in the live preview.
There are two little buttons beside the preset name. The left one gives access to the preset option. The right one allows you to modify the filters of that preset.

Touch the right icon to display the list of filters used by this preset.

Touch the left icon for preset options, like changing the name, changing the icon, sharing by email or deleting the preset.
Create your own preset by using the "New filter" button. TIP: use small arrow buttons to move the current filter up and down

Filters in use

When the content preset is selected using the camera icon, the panel displays the list of filters in use. Touch a filter to get access to its parameters, if any. name to activate it and see instantaneously the result in the live preview.
You can add a filter, just below the active one. As for the presets, you can move a filter up and down in the list.
The camera button on the left of teh selcted filter brings back to the preset list. The filter icon ont the right side of the active filter allows you to remove this filter or to change it with a different one.

Filters categories

In this panel you have access to the list of filter categories, as well as the "Remove" button. To go back to the filter list, use the left icon, to enter the category use the right icon. using teh button remove the current filter and automatiaccly goes back to the filter list.

Available filters

This last panel gives you acces to all the filters belonging to a given category. To select the filter use the right icon and it is automatiocally inserted in the main list.
Selecting the filter shows a brief description in the parameter area, and using teh left ison brings you back to the categories.


You can use the preview area to modify the behavior of some filters. In this case a target appears on top of the preview. Juts move it with you finger to modify the blur area or change the mirror axis.

When in presets mode, the first filter in the active preset get the preview touches, so placing teh filter "iPhone lens"on top gives you the possibility to zoom and pan dirctely.

Try to use only one frame filter and move it at the bottom of the stack to get the best quality, as it has an impact on the image size.

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