Fotomatic helps you taking better *night* shots by combining several shots into a single one and thus remove noise introduced by the sensor. If you can stay as still as possible, you will get a picture with less noise and more details. This is something you cannot achieve with post processing tools, just because you add information during the shot. The processing time is about 12 s. on a 3GS.
Further, you can compare the original image (the one you normally take) with the combined one and decide to save it or discard it. And just to be sure not to loose your shot, both photos are saved.

Step #1: choose your shooting mode:

Take a single shot
Combine multiple shots into a denoised single one
Take several shots at a time (burst mode)

Step #2: instant review your shot:

To verify that your are satisfied with the resulting image, just zoom in up to 1.5 timesand move around to check the smalest details

Pinch to zoom in and out.
Move around zoomed images.

Step #3: save or discard your shot:

After havinh check your shot, just save it or get ready for a new shot.

save your shot(s) to the iPhone roll.
Discard your last shot and get ready for a new one.

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